What are the benefits?

Save money

  • Airlines typically charge €120 to fly with bike luggage. If you plan to regularly visit the area with your bike, this cost quickly adds up.
  • If you plan to hire a vehicle or need airport transfers, you eliminate the need to hire/book a large car to transport a bike case.

Save time

  • There is no need to constantly pack and unpack your bike.
  • No waiting for oversized luggage at the airport.

Reduce the risk of damage and theft

  • It can be nerve-racking to fly with a bike. The risk of damage during transportation and luggage handling can be eliminated.
  • Maybe you are renting out your house and you would prefer to store your bikes in a secure setting.

Ready when you are

Just let us know when you will arrive to pick up your bike, and your bike will be ready for you to ride. We will give the bike a tune-up to make sure the following is all in order:

  • Tires at the correct pressure.
  • The bike is clean.
  • Batteries charged.
  • The chain lubed.
  • The brakes are in excellent working order.

Secure storage

We take the security of your bicycle seriously. Our bike room and the entire 53.eleven store is equipped with a 24-hour surveillance system and a stringent access system.


Overview of what's included and the costs?

When you store your bike with us, you are allocated a designated hanging space. Your bike is under 24-hour security surveillance.

Before your arrival to collect your bike, our bike mechanic will ensure:

  • Your tires are at the correct pressure.
  • The bike is clean.
  • Batteries are charged.
  • The chain is lubed.
  • The brakes are in excellent working order.

You can store your bike with us for as little as a week, or you may need a longer-term storage solution.

The costs:

1 week = €25 per week

1 month = €59 per month

6 months = €53 per month

12 months = €47 per month